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Published on: JUNE 2, 2017
The words of Govindbhai Dholakia (Chairman SRK Exports) kept echoing my mind while my car raced on the Mumbai-Surat highway. I had no reason to quit my job as Managing Director of US based MNC, Sears Holdings in India, that, I established seven years back from nothing to more than a thousand people company. I had the best team, a comfortable life and nothing to complain about when it came to compensation. I was still thinking, what made me take the decision to quit all of this and start SRKay, a new venture with no idea on what we will be doing with it.
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Published on: June 7, 2017
Almost six months back when Kesavan and his family met for dinner, he least expected the offer of the CTO for my new company SRKay. In his words "The fact that I was already the CTO of Sears India and after spending seventeen long years in the US with few patents in my name and least desire to get into a new venture, the prospect of getting into something like this was not very exciting initially. SRKay and the vision of the company got registered in my mind, but I was still not convinced."