BUSINESSES IMPROVE THEIR CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE

Pune, 16th August 2017: SRKay Consulting Group , a venture of the billion dollar SRK Group, based out of London and Mumbai, today announced its first product venture 'Serena Way', that will focus on solving customer experience challenges for businesses with its CXM (Customer Experience Management) platform and services.

Serena Way, a CXM venture is the outcome of more than one year of research and development effort.

"Our team has created an outstanding product that uses the power of human psychology to create a differentiator in our offerings for our clients. We are working to file patents for some exclusive work done," said Kesavan Srinivasan, CTO of SRKay Consulting Group.

As per Gartner, 89% of businesses have already started competing on customer experience. Also, recent studies reveal that customer experience is bound to be the top most priority of brands whereas product features will be a distant second.

"We realized that the business world is struggling to deliver better customer experience and are still unable to get the desired customer loyalty. Our research revealed several facts that are contrary to the common practices that businesses are currently following globally. We found that even surveys as long as ten questions are highly unreliable while those with more than fifteen would actually start driving away customers. We also found that every business while understanding the customer inputs takes them as numbers, while customer expectation is to be treated as humans with emotions and feelings. This is where our research helped build our product that uses human psychology as the key to unlock the potential from the customers, that is completely untapped today," said Shriram Viswanathan, Chief Business Officer of SRKay Consulting Group.

Serena Way is offering a free evaluation of Customer Experience Readiness for businesses on the Serena Way website.

"We understand that every business is in hurry and needs qualified people to deliver critical aspects like enhancing customer experience, which finally converts to business growth and profitability. This is why we decided to offer CXM improvement as a service to the customers where we evaluate, identify gaps, help companies close known gaps and run an outcome-based CXM program for customers. Our product uses a very powerful element of application of human psychology that needs certified professionals. Serena Way plans to create in coming time, both with our partners and clients. We will roll out Serena Way globally in a phased manner starting with UK and India. We are also partnering with few like-minded companies to expand our global reach," added Shriram.

About Serena Way

Serena Way enables organizations to turn their customer feedback into great customer experience. Serena Way uses research on deep customer psychology, state-of-the art technology and expertise in Customer Experience Management for providing the human aspect to all interactions with the customers across multiple channels.

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About SRKay Consulting Group

SRKay Consulting Group invests in innovative, high-potential and early-stage opportunities and businesses, alongside offering premium business advisory services to start-ups as well as established organizations. The area of focus is on long-term investments in futuristic ideas that aim to make the world a happier and a better place. The Group's investment interests include businesses that seek to differentiate themselves through the use of cutting-edge technology.

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