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SRKaySpeak – Shubham Ghormade

SRKaySpeak – shubham-ghormade
Republic India means a lot to us. A democratic country like India gives us the freedom to live, travel across the nation; explore our views and thoughts along with the freedom to speak. This year 2018, we are celebrating our 69th Republic Day. India is moving ahead in the farming sector grasping new technologies of farming. Indian defence has strengthened its technology being able to destroy enemy in seconds. Towards growth, there is leading role of digital revolutionary transformation happening in India. The technology advancements in India are more concentrated towards Digital Transformation. India is moving ahead with the hope of smart India.

In this Digital India, we use our mobile to shop anything from anywhere. In our projects like ‘Solitaire’, ‘’ we are handling our clients and buyers online. In cashless transactions, we offer various types of transactions to protect money transparency.
Do know, how many trees are cut down for a ton of paper? 13 trees are cut down to make a single ton of paper. And in spite of this many offices still continue to work on paper. We can minimize this by going paperless. In Digital India the first step should be to go paperless. SRKay is going paperless. ‘Serena Way’ and ‘Steerhigh’ are projects where anyone can create surveys and analyse reviews. Previously surveys where taken on paper leading to paper waste. These two projects can help make an Eco-friendly Digital India.

Many diamond industries in Surat seek for the best marketing options. SRK is a product & service based company. SRKay offers a platform to companies to go digital. It offers a digital platform where you can reach infinite number of users within a second. It can market products, sell products and also provide services for that product. Using these strategies SRKay offers a platform to clients.

India is becoming transparent by doing cashless transactions. This is all the effect of Digital Transformation. The awareness among society has been increasing day by day towards the safest and cleanest way of transactions thus grasping the concept of digital transactions very quickly. Our Project ‘Solitaire Party Master’ where diamonds are sold digitally has an online banking module where the user make a cashless payment providing all bank facilities.

SRKay is also focusing on social media. Social media is a weapon for targeting a huge sum of people in a second. Our visionary PM has also encouraged the use of social media for the betterment of society. SRKay’s social media accounts share a lot of knowledgeable information, new tech trends and innovation.

This is how SRKay is contributing towards Digital India. A small step can lead to a revolutionary change.