SCIKEY Talent Commerce Receives Third Round of Investment From SRKay

SCIKEY Talent Commerce Receives Third Round of Investment From SRKay

Pune, India, April 2, 2019 - SRKay Consulting Group, a PE and acceleration firm, announced its third round of investment in SCIKEY today. SRKay reconfirmed its belief in SCIKEY that has been field testing its Talent Commerce platform since several months, with highly encouraging feedback from users.

With this round of investment, SRKay has for the first time shed its image of keeping the funds limited to seed investment and has also openly expressed its intent to raise further funds for this venture in future. SCIKEY has been accelerated by SRKay for last two years, with currently close to one hundred employees in India, Finland, and Malaysia. SCIKEY's previous round of funding came in April 2018 that helped it build strategic depth accompanied by a global outlook that has been at the core of its platform.

"Our belief in SCIKEY Talent Commerce platform has got increasingly strengthened, over the last two years. Platform's technological power was already on display in its test phase, but the domain depth it covers can redefine the way recruitment happens with nothing parallel in the market today. Our decision for the next round of investment was dependent on customer feedback from version 1.0 of the product. The outcome has been beyond our expectation, and I am happy to say that we have decided to take SCIKEY as an exception and go beyond pre-seed and seed, with the third round of investment that can help SCIKEY grow into a successful business," said Alok Kumar, Partner SRKay Consulting Group.

SRKay had earlier successfully seed invested and accelerated its virtual captive venture 'ScrumStart' and made it profitable within 18 months. ScrumStart since then has acquired several global fortune 500 clients and operates out of USA, UK, and India.


SCIKEY is a new age talent solutions venture, which provides a comprehensive Talent Commerce Platform where human psychology and cutting-edge Technology meet to maximize the potential of talented minds most effectively. SCIKEY has been created to deliver extraordinary outcomes for various talent needs including employee experience management, employee learning & development and employee productivity enhancement through path-breaking MindMatch algorithm. SCIKEY's MindMatch algorithm is focused on disrupting and transforming the way hiring is done globally, using AI & Psychology, adding a completely new dimension of predicting if a certain human behaviour will fit a given job profile. SCIKEY's Global ecosystem owns several IPs in the field of Behaviour Analysis & Prediction. It comprises R&D centres in Europe & India, global R&D Partners, collaborations with global universities and a team of expert researchers & data scientists.
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