SRKay invests in Malaysia – Plans ASEAN expansion from Kuala Lumpur

SRKay invests in Malaysia – Plans ASEAN expansion from Kuala Lumpur

Pune, India, April 12, 2019 - SRKay Consulting Group, a Mumbai & London based private equity and acceleration firm, today announced the opening of Malaysia office in Kuala Lumpur. SRKay has been strategically investing and hiring in multiple countries that can give its ventures an excellent platform to expand globally. With its offices in USA, Finland, UK, India and now in Malaysia SRKay continues to expand its global acceleration ecosystem for the growth of its start-up ventures at a global scale.

SRKay also announced that establishing and growing the ASEAN market, will be under the leadership of Karunjit Kumar Dhir. Karunjit had joined SRKay in August last year and is one of the co-founders of SCIKEY, a new-age Tech Venture in Human Capital Management space, which recently launched its AI and MindMatch powered Talent Commerce Platform.

‘Malaysia is coming out to be a promising location that is an excellent gateway as well as one of the key business hubs of ASEAN. We intend to create a base for our ventures in Malaysia with an eye on growing them in the entire ASEAN and ANZ region. With multiple emerging growth markets like Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam etc; the entire Asia is growing fast, and SRKay would like to be a part of the growth story in the region.’ said Alok Kumar, Partner of SRKay Consulting Group.

ScrumStart and SCIKEY are two flagship ventures that SRKay has accelerated and invested in, over last two years, with few more in the pipeline. SRKay top management sees Malaysia as a perfect location for its next wave of growth, with the new government in Malaysia encouraging Innovation driven start-ups and the entrepreneurial spirit picking up at large; as this opens up several potential investment opportunities within the ASEAN region as well as can serve as a market for SRKay’s global ventures.

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