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SRKaySpeak - Bindu Yadav

SRKaySpeak - Bindu Yadav
My journey in SRKay Consulting Group started nearly 10 months back- July 2018. I first started off with being a part of the SCIKEY recruitment team. It was a complete change for me from my past experiences. It is here that my entire view of recruitment changed.

I have got an open platform to prove my skills & boost my career. The culture of openness and balance between work and fun is an amazing experience.

I’ve been guided towards learning about leadership while working at SRKay Consulting group. As time passed by I was given an opportunity to explore working as an Associate Team Lead with SCIKEY which worked out great and now I’ve got an opportunity of working with SRKay Consulting Group’s venture- Scrumstart, where each day starts with new opportunities and we get to learn something new from our senior folks.

I look forward to being a part of SRKay with a brighter future!